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  • Japanese Aralia

    Japanese Aralia

    Aralia plants are known for their interesting branching and textural qualities. A common but useful plant, with the read more »
  • Chinese Evergreen

    Chinese Evergreen

    Do you have an apartment that's really lacking natural sunlight? Or maybe a basement or bathroom with out windows? You read more »
  • Easter Lily

    Easter Lily

    Remove faded blossoms and plant outside after frost. Plant will reflower in late summer. read more »
  • Cast Iron Plant

    Cast Iron Plant

    The cast iron plant survives under a wide range of conditions. Aspidistra's ability to withstand considerable neglect read more »
  • Clivia


    The clivia is a dark green plant with strap like leaves that blooms beautiful orange flowers once a year. Also known as read more »


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House Plants Low Light

Indoor Plants Good for Low Light If you live in city apartment, large office or house surrounded by trees you may not get loads of natural light. We’ve put together...
Roots Appear on Soil Surface
Comments Off   Jan 15, 2013

Roots Appear on Soil Surface

Soil may be waterlogged or plant may require repotting.

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  • Peacock Plant

    Peacock Plant

    Calatheas are not the easiest plants to grow, but they're not beyond the skills of a houseplant enthusiast. Known for read more »
  • Birds Nest Fern

    Birds Nest Fern

    Birds Nest Ferns thrive in a humid environments and do especially well in terrariums. read more »